It seems like there’s a new study out every month

Proving this wrong or that right about the latest diet

One study even showed that eating an egg for breakfast was the equivalent to smoking cigarettes

Many of these so called “studies” have very loose testing parameters and should be taken with a grain of salt

Our Program Relies On Science-Backed, Evidence-Based Nutrition

There is no one diet that fits all. It’s about following what your unique body needs to thrive. Here are some questions to answer before a free consultation.

Do you:

Have late

night “binges”?

Feel sick after high fat meals?

Find it hard to maintain weight loss?

Crave sugary treats or carb-heavy snacks?

Have trouble making good choices when eating out?

Suffer from an upset stomach after eating certain meals?

What if you discovered that
gaining weight wasn’t your fault?

Some of the foods that you think are healthy may be hurting you...
while some foods you’ve been told are bad may help your specific body

Through allergy testing and other health markers, we’re able to design a fully customizable eating plan for you based on your results.

You’ll meet with our nutrition counselors and gain valuable guidance on implementing your new lifestyle.

This plan will teach you how to eat out when traveling, how to enjoy fine dining meals when socializing

and how
to cook

delicious food

When you have all this, weight loss tends to happen naturally and feeling good becomes a byproduct

Feed your body the nutrition it deserves with a tailored plan

I have boundless energy. And I want it to stay that way.

Jonny Bowden Ph.D., CNS


Make an appointment and learn how Cenegenics can transform your life!