The Master Hormone for men

Testosterone is a sex hormone, but it’s reach goes far beyond what you may think

With receptor sites in the brain, heart, and throughout the entire body

This steroidal hormone plays a pivotal role for men in:



skin elasticity


regulating mood


proper heart function

controlling blood sugar

preventing heart attacks

brain function (cognition)


healthy cholesterol levels


a healthy immune system

Water droplets

controlling blood pressure

maintaining lean body mass

Testosterone can make the difference between feeling frail and weak or strong and virile

With the right balance and lifestyle program, you can pack on muscle, effortlessly lose fat and have the stamina of your 25-year-old self. Unlocking youth is connected to your hormones, especially your T-levels.

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Low Testosterone Causes Long Term Issues

Low levels of testosterone in the body can cause:

Low Energy


Memory Lapses

Diminished Libido

Increased Body Fat




Xray foot



Did you know that having low levels could mean premature death?

According to recent studies, low testosterone levels continue to be associated with increased mortality risk (Archives of Internal Medicine August 2006; Circulation August 2006; Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism October 2007).

Having balanced levels doesn’t just help you live longer... it can help you become the man that you once were.

Accuracy Leads To Longevity

Testing for accuracy is crucial. Both total and free testosterone studies should be measured to adequately evaluate testosterone levels.

For males between 20-70 years old:

260 to 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) is considered within the “normal” range. Free testosterone levels between 50 to 210 picograms per milliliter (pg/ml) are considered normal.

To put this in perspective:

One 50-year-old man may function optimally at 1,000ng, while for another this may be way too high. Yet, each would be considered normal by their primary care physician.

The current scale simply doesn’t take into account your unique body.

a targeted plan

Imagine the frustration of being told there’s nothing wrong or, even worse, misdiagnosed and put through time consuming tests. There’s a better way... using the upper end of the normal range, adjusted for age. Maintaining high levels over time with a targeted plan, rather than letting them continually decline.

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At taking back their health, their happiness... their life

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