Known as the master replenisher

Sleep is essential for any form of age defiance

There’s a specific hormone called growth hormone

It keeps you young, supple, and full of energy

Did you know that the body secretes its highest amount of GH while you’re in deep sleep? Sleep issues can be caused by a lack of nutrients, exercise or other hormones.

During certain stages of the REM cycle, your body releases age fighting hormones

Sleep is the foundation for increasing the quality of life through energy and hormonal balance

Do you sweat while sleeping?

Do you wake up feeling exhausted?

Do you have trouble staying asleep?

Do you snore or have trouble breathing?

Do you wake up several times throughout the night?

We’ve all known people who live to stay out late and party

This can go on for awhile but eventually it catches up

Without proper sleep,

your body can’t regenerate and repair itself

Sleep’s importance in your life cannot be overestimated

In addition to balancing hormones, it helps:

Repairs tissue

Grows muscle

Fights disease

Burns stored body fat

Fends off free radicals

Activates the immune system

Heals bumps, bruises and wounds

Repairs and cleans digestive system

Cenegenics® can help you balance lost hormones (if clinically indicated), giving you a jump-start back to health

We can also use supplementation to fill any micronutrient deficiencies. A complete sleep plan will include an exercise routine which overtime, will actually increase your energy.

Even if I wasn't exercising, things like sleep were better.

Brad Collett Physician


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