Estrogen production occurs in both men and women

While men usually have an overproduction, women typically experience a decline during and after menopause

Estrogen plays a crucial role in your body’s overall health

It’s beneficial for your:

  • Vaginal/bladder Tissue Elasticity
  • HDL (Good Cholesterol) Production
  • Electrolyte And Nitrogen Metabolism
  • Skin, Breasts And Brain Health
  • Artery Lining Protection
  • Libido
  • Heart-Valve Health
  • Reproductive Tissue
  • Collagen Production

Estrogen is also shown to be a powerful antioxidant, helping combat free radicals and their effects on the aging process

Balance is key.

A majority of scientists believe that byproducts of estrogen dominance could influence health issues in women, including breast cancer. An estrogen dominance can also accelerate the aging process and lead to weight gain, bloating and reduced libido.

Conversely, diminished estrogen levels affect the body through:

  • Dementia
  • Hot Flashes
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Urinary Concerns
  • Loss Of Skin Elasticity
  • Decreased Bone Density

Your hormones are always in communication with one another, constantly trying to keep things balanced

If estrogen becomes out of balance, then it can cause problems with other hormones, namely progesterone. Early perimenopausal symptoms are characteristic of progesterone deficiency rather than low estrogen. This imbalance is one of the main causes of menopause symptoms that women experience.

Progesterone and estrogen

counteract and balance one another

Low Estrogen:
In Need Of Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Menopause is characterized by widely fluctuating estrogen levels

As the ovaries fail...

Estrogen starts to decline. This can cause difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, memory issues, breast tenderness and even trouble orgasming.

aging is a symptom of hormone imbalance

These, and many other aspects of aging, are considered inevitable when in fact, they can be managed or relieved through hormone therapy. 

Estrogen Dominance

Too little estrogen is not always the issue in menopause... sometimes the body will have too much

This can cause estrogen dominance.It’s often due to dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Certain foods include xenohormones (hormones taken outside of the body) that can throw off the overall balance, becoming a contributor to estrogen dominance.

It may all sound complex and confusing, but it is completely reversible.

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