You may have been told that Estrogen is only for women

The truth is... men need a certain amount of estrogen to function optimally and live a full life

However, only a fraction of what women produce is necessary. Often the problem is having too much.

Testosterone and estrogen work together to keep you happy, healthy and successful

Without one or the other your body simply wouldn’t work. As you age, estrogen levels can rise beyond what’s normal, while testosterone decreases below what’s normal. This can cause a hormonal imbalance... creating a breeding ground for underlying symptoms.

In addition to aging, there are lifestyle choices that can increase estrogen levels, including:


Food additives

Water Bottle

Certain plastics


Chemical byproducts

Everything from greasy fast food meals with artificial colors

To plastic water bottles can contribute to throwing off this delicate balance

Taking testosterone supplementation by itself, without monitoring other hormones, is a recipe for disaster. All hormones work together and to treat one without monitoring the other will not result in lasting wellness.

Cenegenics® Makes Sure That The Right Hormones Are Being Monitored

And The Right Treatment Is Put In Place With A Customized Plan

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