Optimal health encompasses a wide range of factors

Each one works synergistically with the other to keep you feeling your best

Your sex life is just as important to your overall health as any other aspect

A low libido doesn’t have to be a life sentence... it’s treatable and sometimes reversible.

Although not directly linked together, low libido for some could also mean erectile dysfunction.

This can have deep health implications if left untreated. It is often the first symptom of atherosclerotic disease; a precursor or warning sign for a heart attack or stroke.

What causes ED?

Hormonal decline, high levels of inflammation, atherosclerotic plaquing, neurological damage and other factors can be involved

These problems can’t be solved using a cookie cutter program. It’s takes a personalized plan to get the best results.

Compared to when you were in your 20s, how is your libido today?

Men often complain about a loss of stamina, while women often experience vaginal dryness and loss of orgasm.

In the last 10 years,

has your performance gotten better or worse?

Our patients often experience lasting results in libido and performance through our comprehensive Elite Program

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