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Defy Your Age™

Isn’t it time to feel your best again? Feel younger, more productive and an overall sense of well-being through our Elite Health Program. Our customized approach works around your unique goals and lifestyle to help you feel unstoppable again.




increase energy

It may seem like the energy that you experienced in your youth is gone forever, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Through proper hormone balancing and using the right diet and exercise program for your body, that infectious energy can back as quickly as it left.


lose weight

Nearly everyone over 40 has struggled with weight gain at some point, even while continuing to exercise. Using the same workouts that you did in your 20’s are often not as effective in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Our exercise and nutrition coaches work closely with you to find what works best for your body to burn fat and gain lean muscle.



Having a healthy libido is an important part of achieving overall wellness. Our Cenegenics® physicians find the root cause of what’s going on, helping you increase performance, functionality and intimacy.



You have to make important decisions quickly, sometimes in a split second. You can’t afford to lose any mental agility. Our Elite Health Program is designed around your body as a whole, that includes your cognitive function. Through hormonal balance and lifestyle changes you can stay as “sharp as a tack”, skyrocketing your mental performance.


better sleep

Sleep apnea is common among individuals over 40 years old. It inhibits a good night sleep and can cause serious long term health issues. Your hormone levels, excess fat, and too many unhealthy stressors can directly affect your bodies ability to have restful sleep. We help you balance all of these aspects in order to reach rejuvenating and peaceful sleep.


Awesome experience. Being a health care provider, I realize the importance of the personal touch. Dr. Patel was sincere, caring, and spent a great deal of time answering my questions.

Dr. Leo B

Chicago, IL

The first six months I dropped 21 pounds of fat and put on 17 pounds of muscle and was at 5.3% body fat.

Dr. M.H.

Tulsa, OK

Everything has been reversed, I feel like I am 18 years old.


New York, NY

I began to see changes in my body composition just a few weeks after starting the program and I saw an improvement in my blood pressure, too. I've learned that it's not about dieting; it's about making a lifestyle change.

Las Vegas, NV

I now wake up with a renewed zest for life and previous aches and pains that I was experiencing were completely vanished.

Dr. R.L.

Soldkotna, AK

After 5 weeks, I starting feeling "it" and it was so great to have some strength. I missed it. The improvements that I have seen have been incredible.


South Meridian, MS

Thorough, complete, and informative. I left Dr. Patel's Cenegenics office knowing I made the righter choice.

Dr. Abdalmajid K.

Chicago, IL

I choose to improve myself through living a Cenegenics Lifestyle. Their professionals guided and advised me to strive for maximal results. I FEEL GREAT!!!!!


Eagle River, AK

They taught me the value of interval training and how to establish a better diet. As I've continued to follow their advice. I continue to improve and continue to be motivated.


Wheaton, MN

Discover How to Defy Your Age™


Isn’t it time to take your health to the next level? Start feeling more like yourself with our incredible Elite Health Program. Increased energy, libido and longevity are all waiting! Discover how Cenegenics® is changing lives with our 21st century approach to medicine.

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